Examine and Testing Service

Examine and Testing Service

Quality test report

Quality is the most vital part of our production. 1% mistake from us will result in 100% disaster of our clients. We take advantage of any possible chance to increase our quality.

We conduct product quality inspections for each production process and form a quality inspection report.

After production, we will put multiple tests on our products to make sure that our products are much better than what’s “acceptable”.

The contents of the quality test:

● Chemical Component Analysis(Raw materials/accessories analysis, casting process analysis, the material of the finished goods test)

● Mechanical property test.

● Metallographic structure of the goods analysis.

● Defect inspection of the goods(magnetic powder inspection, liquid penetrant examination, Ultrasonic wave examination, X ray flaw detection)

● According to the examination of the report, we make suggestion to our factory to improve our production process. We can provide failure analysis and give effective suggestion to customers. We can also provide authoritative report from the third part.

We can provide the reports according to customer’s demands. (Customers will pay the extra fee)

Anything you concerned about the quality system, please feel free to contact us , it will be our honor to work for you.

Component analyze report

We will make sure the components of our products perfectly fits our clients’ requirement.

● We use spectroanalysis instrument and do 2 examinations before pouring and after pouring.

● For each examinations we will do 5~6 tests repeatedly to get the most precise result.

● All casting parts have their own sample and report and they were kept for at least 3 years.

● If you need such report, we will definitely send it immediately.

Testing Equipment


Test Report


Feel free to contact us by telephone or email and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

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