Agency cooperation

Agency cooperation

Why choose to be an agent of Zhili New Materials?

Technology, brand strength

Zhili New Materials is a renowned new wear-resistant material manufacturer in China.

China's first patent company to produce modified high manganese steel wear-resistant hammer.

China's first patent company to use bimetallic composite materials.

Authorized as designated partners in China by Sweden's top wear-resisting material Hardox.

China's Large State-Owned Enterprises’ designated Enterprises of preferred Hammer head.

Appointed as co-crusher parts manufacturer by Lafarge, Egypt.

In 2011, we were ” Top 100 Chinese Cement Industry Suppliers”

Our products are sold to 120 large-scale cement plants/power plants in 37 countries around the world.

We can provide support for agents:

Provide uninterrupted business opportunities in your country

We have a well-established e-commerce system, and we have a number of professional Google / Yandex advertising certification experts. We display global brand strength through Googel / Yandex / alibaba 24 hours a day. Once you become our agent, we will provide the business opportunities available in your country free of charge, providing you many opportunities of development.

Technical support for agents

We will provide technical support for our top agents to build the website. You only need to provide your language information of your market. Our technical team will set up the top class website platform that can be accessed by mobile phone/tablet/computer to help you obtain more inquiry opportunities.

Sharing the opportunities from Exhibition with you.

We will participate in exhibitions in your country according to market conditions, work with you to develop the local market, and provide more support and help for your business.

Technical training for your sales.

According to the different needs of agents, we will organize the training for technicians of agents, and pass on the company's latest information, products, and technologies to you, so that you have more opportunities and advantages in the local area.

Turnkey Project of large project

When you participate in local bidding projects or huge amounts of equipment accessories supply projects, if you feel powerless, we will send our outstanding engineers to your country participating in all phases of the project, to help you get this project together.

Rich returns

At the end of each year, when you complete the sales tasks more than the company's mandate, the company will give you a very rewarding return for the excess.


Feel free to contact us by telephone or email and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

Sustainable development

Lear that Our efforts for the local ecology

Strict quality control

Learn that how we can make the the products more wear resistant

Abundant value-added services

Help you maximize your business profits