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Instruction of Grinding Roller with allo


Cemented carbide is recognized as the best wear-resistant material in the industry, known as "industrial teeth", with excellent Different hardness, red hardness and wear resistance.

2024 FICEM Technical Conference


We will bring our ceramic hammers to the exhibition and we will bring brochures.We also produce other wear-resistant parts for crushers. If you need them, you can send an email to and we will reply to you as soon as possible.



Our crusher hammer heads, liners, side guards, grinding rollers, steel balls​, etc. are all popular wear-resistant parts in the cement industry. Our booth is NO:1932. You can also send an email to our email and we will reply in time.

2024 Fourth China (Zhengzhou) Internatio


We also participated in this exhibition as an exhibitor, and we exhibited our own products, ceramic hammer heads​ and hammer blocks. Our products attracted many people in the industry to visit, and they admired our production process and technology.

Customer case sharing meeting


We provide spare parts for hammer crusher ,jaw crusher ,cone crusher ,impact crusher and vertical mill.s the industry’s leading production base for wear-resistant materials, our company is dedicated to new materials for mining, cement plant , Power plant , scrap recycling industry to provide services.

Jaw plate with alloy bars inserts ,Jaw c


Jaw plate with alloy bars inserts,Jaw crusher spare parts

Vertical Grinding Roller Manufacturer——Z


Vertical Grinding Roller Manufacturer——Zhili New Materials

Chinese crusher wear parts manufacturer—


Chinese crusher wear parts manufacturer——ZHILI, participated in cement industry exhibition in Egypt

High Manganese Steel Insert Titanium All


High Manganese Steel Insert Titanium Alloy Bars and hardfacing Hammers,HAMMERS OF MANGANESE CAST STEEL With TiC Inserts FOR crusher

Feel free to contact us by telephone or email and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

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