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Turn key | large scale contractor

For bidding, large projects, large purchases

At the beginning of the project, we will send our experienced engineers to your side to help you from quotation to production to the final installation, allowing you to easily manage your key projects

On-site measurement | medium and small-sized enterprises

For no drawings and material experience

We will send the best engineers, measure the size of the required accessories for you, test and analyze the materials, and provide you with comprehensive optimization suggestions to make your parts more durable and wear resistant

Hardox  wear plate machining | special requirment enterprises

For non-experience enterprises

We use WearCalc 2.1, the official wear resistance test software of Trent Hardox. It can quickly and easily calculate which Trent Hardox wear plate is more suitable for you.


Technical change of composite wear-resistant hammer heads


Crusher hammer head is the core part of crusher, bearing the important responsibility of crushing materials. In the process of crushing materials, the hammer head has to withstand huge friction and impact, and it is easy to wear, resulting in frequent shu

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Ceramic metal composite wear resistant material technology


Ceramic metal composite wear-resistant material is a kind of casting infiltration technology to evenly distribute cermet particles on the working face of wear-resistant spare parts. By optimizing the chemical composition of high chromium wear-resistant ma

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Tungsten titanium alloy steel crusher hammers - Zhili New Materials


Tungsten titanium alloy steel crusher hammers, the use of special technology means, in the alloy hammer hammer head face with cast tungsten carbide rods, alloy block casting, both high anti-wear effect, and there was a reliable safety performance.

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