Manufacturing Technology & Quality Monitoring System

Manufacturing Technology

The company has an excellent team of technical experts, we have 8 technical engineer, including 2 senior engineers, 3 engineers, 3 assistant engineers; the company has a number of talents with both ability and political integrity, including 6 postgraduate, 15 undergraduate and 10 junior college student.

The company has complete production equipments.All of our smelting furnaces are middle frequency furnaces, including 2 sets of volume of 2 tons furnaces, 3 sets of volume of 1.5 tons furnaces.We have water glass sand casting process, a complete set of lost foam casting equipment. And we have a complete set of machining equipment to meet product processing capabilities.

Engineers and technicians use AutoCAD\SolidWorks and other graphics software to design products and to design process plans, to test validation of the process plan through solidification simulation technology. Spectral analysis and non-destructive testing are used to ensure that product quality.


Computer Design Modeling

Shaping the form

Lost Mould



Material Testing

Flaw detective


Package for shipment


Quality system

The company has established a perfect quality management system, a reasonable organization and a clear division of responsibilities. The quality department independently performs the quality management duties and the company has passed ISO9000 quality management system certification.

The company adopts systematic, scientific and strict quality management methods and take advantage of advanced equipment to supervise the company's product quality.

Our company’s quality test equipment:

Hardness instrument

Ultrasonic wave defectoscope

Spectrum analyzer

etallographic structure analyzer


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