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Mingyu Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is a factory specializing in the production of crushing and screening plants in Taiwan. The cone crusher produced by Mingyu enjoys a high utilization rate in the industry.


Our Advantage

Through our unique knowledge and innovative solutions, we help our customers to improve the wear-resisting efficiency of wear-resistant parts, reduce the risk of use, save a lot of money for customers, and are deeply welcomed by customers.

✔ The first domestic independent research and development production of the German AUBEMA company's impact crusher with a large blow bar (single weight 750kg).

✔The first manufacturer of wear-resistant materials in China to successfully cast bimetal composite hammers.

✔ Cooperation with several famous domestic large cement manufacturers (Conch, Tai ni, esheng, etc.).

 ✔Successfully cooperated with China Resources Group to realize the localization of the German Krupp impact crusher blow bar.

✔ Long-term cooperation with POSCO Steel Group and CEMEX Cement Group.

✔ In 2011, our company was awarded the title of “Top 100 Suppliers in China's Cement Industry”.

✔ The 3rd China Wearable Material “Golden Ball Award”, selected “Best Hammer Prize”.

✔ In 2013, our company became the wearer parts supplier of Lafarge-holcim, the world's largest cement group.

✔ Long-term cooperation with CEMEX Cement Group of Mexico.

✔ 2017 In the fierce competition, we successfully obtained the official authorization of the HARBOX wear-resistant steel plate of SSAB (Swedish steel) and became the service center of the hardox wear-resistant products.


MINGYU spare parts we can supply for you 

We can supply you the spare parts with following type,also can produce asscording to your drawings

Type Material Drawing no. Weight
棍轧轮 ROLL Mn13Cr2 M13C-90599 27.94
定锥 CONCAVE ZGMn13Cr2 M1C12111A 478
定锥 CONCAVE ZGMn13Cr2 M1C12121A 471
定齿板 FIX JAWPLATE ZGMn18Cr2 M1C12121A 471
动锥 CONCAVE ZGMn13Cr2 M1C14031A 358
动齿板 SWINGJAWPLATE ZGMn18Cr2 M1C14031A 365
传动轴套衬板 LINER ZGMn13Cr2 M1C55121 42
辐射衬板 LINER ZGMn13Cr2 M1C57031 20
其他 OTHERS 007-1mn13cr2 M1CA4041A 8
衬板/传统轴套衬板 LINER 007-1mn13cr2 M1CA5121 5.1
传动轴套衬板 OTHERS ZGMn13Cr2 M1CD5121A 24.5
轴辐衬板 LINER ZGMn13Cr2 M1CH7031 19
定齿板锥体 CONCAVE ZGMn13Cr2 M1CL2111A 1259
定齿板 FIX JAWPLATE ZGMn13Cr2 M1CL2121A 976
其他/轴幅衬板 OTHERS 007-1mn13cr2 M1CP7031 16
定齿板 FIX JAWPLATE ZGMn13Cr2 M1CX2121B 604
传动轴套衬板 OTHERS ZGMn13Cr2 M1CX5121A 23
辐射衬板 LINER ZGMn13Cr2 M1CX7031 13.5
辐射衬板 LINER ZGMn13Cr2 M1E17031 9
其他 OTHERS 007-1mn13cr2 M1HC5121 30
衬板 LINER 007-1mn13cr2 M1ID4021 28
衬板 LINER 007-1mn13cr2 M1ID4031 14
打击子固定块 ANVIL ZGMn13Cr2 M1IK3061 28
打击子固定块 ANVIL ZGMn13Cr2 M1IM3061A 31
侧板右 LINER ZGMn13Cr2 M1J21131 209
侧板左 LINER ZGMn13Cr2 M1J21151 209
护板 CHECK PLATE 007-1mn13cr2 M1J22041 181
护板 CHECK PLATE 007-1mn13cr2 M1J22061 104
护板 CHECK PLATE 007-1mn13cr2 M1J41131 423
护板 CHECK PLATE 007-1mn13cr2 M1J41151 423
护板 CHECK PLATE 007-1mn13cr2 M1J42041 305
护板 CHECK PLATE 007-1mn13cr2 M1J42061 134
护板 CHECK PLATE 007-1mn13cr2 M1J61131 392
护板 CHECK PLATE 007-1mn13cr2 M1J61151 392
护板 CHECK PLATE ZGMn13Cr2 M1J62041 340
护板 CHECK PLATE 007-1mn13cr2 M1J62061 150
护板 CHECK PLATE 007-1mn13cr2 M1JB2041 50
护板 CHECK PLATE 007-1mn13cr2 M1JB2061 24
护板 CHECK PLATE 007-1mn13cr2 M1JC1131 52
护板 CHECK PLATE 007-1mn13cr2 M1JC1151 52
侧板(右) LINER ZGMn13Cr2 M1JE1131 66
侧板(左) LINER ZGMn13Cr2 M1JE1151 66
动按板 OTHERS ZGMn13Cr2 M1JE2061 44
护板 CHECK PLATE 007-1mn13cr2 M1JL1131 94
护板 CHECK PLATE 007-1mn13cr2 M1JL1151 94
护板 CHECK PLATE 007-1mn13cr2 M1JL2061 34
齿板 JAWPLATE 007-1mn13cr2 M1JM1131 109
护板 CHECK PLATE 007-1mn13cr2 M1JM1151 109
定齿板 FIX JAWPLATE ZGMn13Cr2 M1JM1181A 475
护板 CHECK PLATE 007-1mn13cr2 M1JM2041 77
护板 CHECK PLATE 007-1mn13cr2 M1JM2061 36
定齿板 FIX JAWPLATE ZGMn13Cr2 M1JN1181 550
动齿板 SWING JAWPLATE ZGMn13Cr2 M1JN2071 550
侧板(右) LINER ZGMn13Cr2 M1JP1131 192
护板 CHECK PLATE 007-1mn13cr2 M1JP1151 189
护板 CHECK PLATE 007-1mn13cr2 M1JP2041 134
护板 CHECK PLATE 007-1mn13cr2 M1JP2061 68
护板 CHECK PLATE 007-1mn13cr2 M1JQ1131 325
护板 CHECK PLATE 007-1mn13cr2 M1JQ1151 325
护板 CHECK PLATE 007-1mn13cr2 M1JQ2041 232
护板 CHECK PLATE 007-1mn13cr2 M1JQ2061 110
其他 OTHERS 007-6 M1JT1021 519
其他 OTHERS 007-6 M1JT1098 385
侧板右上 LINER ZGMn13Cr2 M1JT113A 443
护板 CHECK PLATE 007-1mn13cr2 M1JT113B 200
护板 CHECK PLATE 007-1mn13cr2 M1JT115A 443
护板 CHECK PLATE 007-1mn13cr2 M1JT115B 200
护板 CHECK PLATE 007-1mn13cr2 M1JT2041 313
其他 OTHERS 007-1mn13cr2 M1JT2061 148
压条/动按板 OTHERS 007-1mn13cr2 M1JU2061 193.9
其他/整机配件 OTHERS 007-6/碳钢 M7C12101 1089.3
定齿板锥体 CONCAVE ZGMn13Cr2 M7C12111A 478
圆锥 CONCAVE 007-1/mn13cr2 M7C12121A 417
圆锥 CONCAVE 007-1 M7C14031A 310
圆锥 CONCAVE mn13cr2/007-1 M7C52111A 1382
圆锥 CONCAVE mn13cr2/007-1 M7C52121A 1226
圆锥 CONCAVE mn13cr2/007-1 M7C54031A 906
衬套 LINER 007-1mn13cr2 M7C72281A 210
圆锥 CONCAVE 007-1 M7C82111A 1382
其他/整机配件 OTHERS 007-6/碳钢 M7CA1061A 83.2
其他/整机配件(焊接件) OTHERS 007-6/碳钢 M7CA1131 23.6
其他/整机配件(焊接件) OTHERS 007-6/碳钢 M7CA2011 444.5
其他/整机配件 OTHERS 007-6/碳钢 M7CA2101 413.5
其他/整机配件 OTHERS 007-6/碳钢 M7CA4021A 200.3
其他/锁紧销 OTHERS 007-1mn13cr2 M7CA4041A 8.3
其他 OTHERS 007-6 M7CA4061 14
其他 OTHERS 007-1 M7CA4071 20
其他/整机配件 OTHERS 007-6/碳钢 M7CD1061A 215.7
其他/整机配件 OTHERS 007-6/碳钢 M7CD1131 58.2
其他/整机配件(焊接件) OTHERS 007-6/碳钢 M7CD2011 1158.3
其他/整机配件 OTHERS 007-6/碳钢 M7CD4021 646.3
其他 OTHERS 007-6 M7CD4061 32
其他 OTHERS 007-1 M7CD4071 38
动齿板 SWING JAWPLATE ZGMn13Cr2 M7CH4031A 684
锁紧器 OTHERS ZGMn13Cr2 M7CH4041 45
其他 OTHERS 007-6/碳钢 M7CH4060 106
圆锥 CONCAVE 007-1 M7CL2111A 1212
圆锥 CONCAVE 007-1 M7CL2121A 920
圆锥 CONCAVE 007-2 M7CL2121AI 920
圆锥 CONCAVE 007-1 M7CL4031A 756
圆锥 CONCAVE 007-2 M7CL4031AI 756
圆锥 CONCAVE 007-1/mn13cr2 M7CP2111A 1958
圆锥 CONCAVE ZGMn13Cr2 M7CP2121A 1469
圆锥 CONCAVE 007-1mn13cr2 M7CP4031B 1366
其他/整机配件 OTHERS 007-6/碳钢 M7CX1061B 324.7
其他/整机配件 OTHERS 007-6/碳钢 M7CX1131B 94.6
其他/整机配件(焊接件) OTHERS 007-6/碳钢 M7CX2011C 1343.2
其他/整机配件 OTHERS 007-6/碳钢 M7CX2101C 1582.7
圆锥 CONCAVE 007-1 M7CX2111B 776
圆锥 CONCAVE 007-1 M7CX2121B 540
定齿板 FIX JAWPLATE ZGMn18Cr2 M7CX2121M 540
其他/整机配件 OTHERS 007-6/碳钢 M7CX4021C 1051.7
动齿板 SWING JAWPLATE ZGMn13Cr2 M7CX4031A 482
圆锥 CONCAVE 007-2/MN18CR2 M7CX4031AI 508
其他 OTHERS 007-1 M7CX4041A 29
其他 OTHERS 007-6 M7CX4061A 32
其他 OTHERS 007-1 M7CX4071 29.5
圆锥 CONCAVE 007-1mn13cr2 M7HB2111 442
圆锥 CONCAVE 007-1mn13cr2 M7HB2121 436
圆锥 CONCAVE 007-1mn13cr2 M7HB4031 246
护板 CHECK PLATE 007-1mn13cr2 M7HB5121 10
圆锥 CONCAVE 007-1mn13cr2 M7HC2111A 1093
圆锥 CONCAVE 007-1mn13cr2 M7HC2121E 1225
圆锥 CONCAVE 007-1mn13cr2 M7HC2401 1318
圆锥 CONCAVE 007-1 M7HC4031 676
圆锥 CONCAVE 007-1mn13cr2 M7HC4201 720
圆锥 CONCAVE 007-1 M7HD2111A 732
圆锥 CONCAVE 007-2MN18CR2 M7HD2111AI 907
圆锥 CONCAVE 007-1mn13cr2 M7HD2121 629
圆锥 CONCAVE 007-1mn13cr2 M7HD2121B 814
圆锥 CONCAVE 007-2 M7HD2121BI 814
圆锥 CONCAVE 007-1mn13cr2 M7HD2401 932
圆锥 CONCAVE 007-1mn13cr2 M7HD4031A 389
圆锥 CONCAVE 007-2MN18CR2 M7HD4031AI 389
圆锥 CONCAVE 007-1mn13cr2 M7HD4201 438
圆锥 CONCAVE 007-1 M7HE4031 365
圆锥 CONCAVE 007-1 M7HL2111B 1765
圆锥 CONCAVE 007-1/MN13CR2 M7HL2121E 1664.6
圆锥 CONCAVE 007-1mn13cr2 M7HL2401 1842
圆锥 CONCAVE 007-1mn13cr2 M7HL4031C 1016
圆锥 CONCAVE 007-1mn13cr2 M7HL4201 1112
定齿板 FIX JAWPLATE ZGMn13Cr2 M7J21181 1148
定齿板 FIX JAWPLATE ZGMn13Cr2 M7J21181A 1265.96
齿板 JAWPLATE 007-2 M7J21181AI 1371
齿板 JAWPLATE 007-1mn13cr2 M7J22071 1216
动齿板 SWING JAWPLATE ZGMn13Cr2 M7J22071A 1338.67
齿板 JAWPLATE 007-2 M7J22071AI 1382
定齿板 FIX JAWPLATE ZGMn13Cr2 M7J41181A 1593
其他/动颚 SWING JAWPLATE 007-6/碳钢 M7J42011 4730
齿板 JAWPLATE 007-1mn13cr2 M7J42071A 1549
护板 CHECK PLATE 007-1mn13cr2 M7J61131 392
护板 CHECK PLATE 007-1mn13cr2 M7J61151 392
定齿板 FIX JAWPLATE ZGMn13Cr2 M7J61181A 1799.5
其他/动颚 SWING JAWPLATE 007-6 M7J62011 5248
齿板 JAWPLATE 007-1mn13cr2 M7J62071A 1757
齿板 JAWPLATE 007-1mn13cr2 M7JB1181 231
护板 CHECK PLATE 007-1mn13cr2 M7JB2041 50
齿板 JAWPLATE 007-1mn13cr2 M7JB2071 249
定齿板 FIX JAWPLATE ZGMn13Cr2 M7JE1181A 365
动齿板 SWING JAWPLATE ZGMn13Cr2 M7JE2071A 391
护板 CHECK PLATE 007-1/mn13cr2 M7JL1131 94
护板 CHECK PLATE 007-1/mn13cr2 M7JL1151 94
齿板 JAWPLATE 007-1/mn13cr2 M7JL1181A 320
齿板 JAWPLATE 007-1/mn13cr2 M7JL2071A 351
侧板右 LINER ZGMn13Cr2 M7JM1131 109
侧板左 LINER ZGMn13Cr2 M7JM1151 109
齿板 JAWPLATE 007-1mn13cr2 M7JM1181A 475
动按板 OTHERS 007-1mn13cr2 M7JM2061 36
齿板 JAWPLATE 007-1mn13cr2 M7JM2071A 488
齿板 JAWPLATE 007-1mn13cr2 M7JN1181B 582
齿板 JAWPLATE 007-1mn13cr2 M7JN2071B 599
齿板 JAWPLATE 007-1mn13cr2 M7JP1181A 807
压块 OTHERS 007-1mn13cr2 M7JP2061 68
动齿板 SWING JAWPLATE ZGMn13Cr2 M7JP2071A 843
护板 CHECK PLATE 007-1/mn13cr2 M7JQ1131 325
护板 CHECK PLATE 007-1/mn13cr2 M7JQ1151 325
齿板 JAWPLATE 007-1/mn13cr2 M7JQ1181A 1382
定齿板 FIX JAWPLATE ZGMn13Cr2 M7JQ1181B 1448.97
其他/动颚 SWING JAWPLATE 007-6 M7JQ2011 3839.6
护板 CHECK PLATE ZGMn13Cr2 M7JQ2041 232
齿板 JAWPLATE 007-1mn13cr2 M7JQ2071A 1392
动齿板 SWING JAWPLATE ZGMn13Cr2 M7JQ2071B 1502.67
其他 OTHERS 007-6 M7JT1021 431.2
其他 OTHERS 007-6 M7JT1091 303.7
齿板 JAWPLATE 007-1mn13cr2 M7JT1181A 1390
其他/动颚 SWING JAWPLATE 007-6/碳钢 M7JT2011 6998
齿板 JAWPLATE 007-1mn13cr2 M7JT2071 1100
齿板 JAWPLATE 007-1mn13cr2 M7JU1181 1714
齿板 JAWPLATE 007-1mn13cr2 M7JU2071 1399
护板 CHECK PLATE 007-1mn13cr2 MIJP2041 134
护板 CHECK PLATE 007-1 MIJQ2061 110
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