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Shanghai Shanmei Heavy Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is invested and controlled by Shande Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., a joint venture of the international crushing and screening industry leader Germany, China's leading manufacturer of crushing and screening engineering solutions and equipment manufacturers.


Our advantages

Through our unique knowledge and innovative solutions, we help our customers to improve the wear-resisting efficiency of wear-resistant parts, reduce the risk of use, save a lot of money for customers, and are deeply welcomed by customers.

✔ The first domestic independent research and development production of the German AUBEMA company's impact crusher with a large blow bar (single weight 750kg).

✔The first manufacturer of wear-resistant materials in China to successfully cast bimetal composite hammers.

✔ Cooperation with several famous domestic large cement manufacturers (Conch, Tai ni, esheng, etc.).

 ✔Successfully cooperated with China Resources Group to realize the localization of the German Krupp impact crusher blow bar.

✔ Long-term cooperation with POSCO Steel Group and CEMEX Cement Group.

✔ In 2011, our company was awarded the title of “Top 100 Suppliers in China's Cement Industry”.

✔ The 3rd China Wearable Material “Golden Ball Award”, selected “Best Hammer Prize”.

✔ In 2013, our company became the wearer parts supplier of Lafarge-holcim, the world's largest cement group.

✔ Long-term cooperation with CEMEX Cement Group of Mexico.

✔ 2017 In the fierce competition, we successfully obtained the official authorization of the HARBOX wear-resistant steel plate of SSAB (Swedish steel) and became the service center of the hardox wear-resistant products.


SHANMEI spare parts we can supply for you 

We can supply you the spare parts with following type,also can produce asscording to your drawings

Type Material Drawing no. Weight
Fixed jaw plate MN13CR2 1215.01.16 554
Jaw crusher cheek plate MN18CR2 1215.01.17 4260
Jaw crusher cheek plate MN13CR2 1215.01.18 340
Swinging jaw plate MN13CR2 J32.02.02 3475
Fixed jaw plate MN13CR2 J32.06 95
Swinging jaw plate MN18CR2 J32B.02.02 4260
Press block MN13CR2 J32B.02.04 982
Fixed jaw plate MN13CR2 J32B.06 1109
Fixed jaw plate MN13CR2 JC440.01.05 4260
Upper right jaw crusher cheek plate MN13CR2 JC440.01.06 375
Upper rleft jaw crusher cheek plate MN13CR2 JC440.01.07 750
Lower left  jaw crusher cheek plate MN13CR2 JC440.01.08 969.2
Lower right jaw crusher cheek plate MN13CR2 JC440.01.09 1090.8
Swinging jaw plate MN13CR2 JC440.02.21 554
Press block MN13CR2(001-2) JC440.02.22 2065
Fixed jaw plate MN13CR2(001-2) JC443.01.11 1607.22
Upper right jaw crusher cheek plate MN13CR2(001-2) JC443.01.13 103
Lower right jaw crusher cheek plate MN13CR2(001-2) JC443.01.14 280
Upper left jaw crusher cheek plate MN13CR2(001-2) JC443.01.15 280
Upper lest jaw crusher cheek plate MN13CR2(001-2) JC443.01.16 137
Swinging jaw plate MN13CR2(001-2) JC443.02.15 144.66
Press block MN13CR2(001-2) JC443.02.17 1237.1
Liner MN13CR2(001-2) JC555.02.03 1755
Movable jaw baffle MN13CR2(001-2) JC555.02.03 107
Swinging jaw plate MN13CR2(001-2) JC555.02.04 113
Moulding MN13CR2(001-2) JC555.02.05 77
Fixed jaw plate MN13CR2 JC555.03 3435
Moulding MN13CR2 JC555.22 3475
Mantle MN13CR2 OH-404 2950
Mantle MN13CR2 OH-502C 3475



MN13CR2 OH-502M 95
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