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We can provide you with various brands of QMS , also can customize and produce according to your working conditions

Quarry Manufacturing and Supply (QMS) is Europe's leading aftermarket wearer and shredder spare parts manufacturer, providing high quality service to the quarry, mining, recycling and demolition industries. We are recognized globally for our product knowledge, engineering know-how and outstanding customer support.


Our advantages

Through our unique knowledge and innovative solutions, we help our customers to improve the wear-resisting efficiency of wear-resistant parts, reduce the risk of use, save a lot of money for customers, and are deeply welcomed by customers.

✔ The first domestic independent research and development production of the German AUBEMA company's impact crusher with a large blow bar (single weight 750kg).

✔The first manufacturer of wear-resistant materials in China to successfully cast bimetal composite hammers.

✔ Cooperation with several famous domestic large cement manufacturers (Conch, Tai ni, esheng, etc.).

 ✔Successfully cooperated with China Resources Group to realize the localization of the German Krupp impact crusher blow bar.

✔ Long-term cooperation with POSCO Steel Group and CEMEX Cement Group.

✔ In 2011, our company was awarded the title of “Top 100 Suppliers in China's Cement Industry”.

✔ The 3rd China Wearable Material “Golden Ball Award”, selected “Best Hammer Prize”.

✔ In 2013, our company became the wearer parts supplier of Lafarge-holcim, the world's largest cement group.

✔ Long-term cooperation with CEMEX Cement Group of Mexico.

✔ 2017 In the fierce competition, we successfully obtained the official authorization of the HARBOX wear-resistant steel plate of SSAB (Swedish steel) and became the service center of the hardox wear-resistant products.


QMS spare parts we can supply for you 

We can supply you the spare parts with following type,also can produce asscording to your drawings

Type Material Drawing no. Weight
BLOW BAR High Chrome 260 50
CONCAVE MN18CR2 48024 717.7
CONCAVE MN18CR2 48067 922.5
CONCAVE MN18CR2 48073 805.9
CONCAVE MN18CR2 48401 804
CONCAVE MN18CR2 50130813 476
CONCAVE MN18CR2 55208140 567
CONCAVE MN18CR2 61090732 1656.2
CONCAVE Mn18%Cr2% 02-450-022-0004 524
CONCAVE Mn18%Cr2% 02-450-023-0010 674
CONCAVE Mn18%Cr2% 02-450-386-0000 649
CONCAVE Mn18%Cr2% 02-540-022-0003 810
CONCAVE Mn18%Cr2% 02-540-023-0003 862
CONCAVE MN18CR2 02-540-023-0003 861
CONCAVE Mn18%Cr2% 02-540-488-0000 1158
BLOW BAR HIGH CHROME 04431-704-09 374
CONCAVE Mn18%Cr2% 04800-300-24 719
CONCAVE Mn18%Cr2% 04800-300-67 922
CONCAVE Mn18%Cr2% 04800-300-69 887
CONCAVE Mn18%Cr2% 04800-300-73 805
CONCAVE MN18CR2 1000-1 325
CONCAVE MN18CR2 1000-3 483
CONCAVE MN18CR2 1000-3-A 425
CONCAVE MN18CR2 1300-3 917
BLOW BAR HIGH CHROME(208-3) 2370-9065 385
JAWPLATE Mn18%Cr2% 3042-051-03 1518
JAWPLATE Mn18%Cr2% 3042-051-04 1182
BLOW BAR MN18CR2 38-4896-A 214
BLOW BAR HIGH CHROME 3975-26-1 179
JAWPLATE MN18CR2 400-1101-002 1179
JAWPLATE MN18CR2 400-2207-002 1172
LINER High Chrome 4275-S26-8 8.3
BLOW BAR MN18CR2 5609-0732 386
JAWPLATE Mn18%Cr2% 600-2011-ASHD 1175
JAWPLATE MN14CR2(001-2) 600-2148E-L 828
JAWPLATE MN14CR2(001-2) 600-2149E-L 946
JAWPLATE MN14CR2(001-2) 600-3011E-L 1295
JAWPLATE MN14CR2(001-2) 600-3012E-L 1096
JAWPLATE MN14CR2(001-2) 600-8011E-L 498
JAWPLATE MN14CR2(001-2) 600-8012E-L 554
CONCAVE Mn18%Cr2% 603-1407E 1106
JAWPLATE MN18CR2 81-01-22321 1487
JAWPLATE MN18CR2 81-01-22322C 1441
JAWPLATE MN18CR2 8295-70-A500 1357
CONCAVE MN18C2(006-1) CR129 518
CONCAVE MN18C2(006-1) CR134 560
CONCAVE MN18C2(006-1) CR217 547
BLOW BAR High Chrome E1200 272
BLOW BAR High Chrome E1400 306
BLOW BAR High Chrome EA1000-C 218
BLOW BAR High Chrome EA1200-C 272
BLOW BAR High Chrome F10330751 372
BLOW BAR High Chrome H101 180
BLOW BAR High Chrome I100-C 295
BLOW BAR High Chrome IM.021A.4228-A 208
JAWPLATE MN18CR2 J4250000 1500
JAWPLATE MN18CR2 J4260000 776
CHECK PLATE Mn18%Cr2% J4600000 89
CHECK PLATE MN18CR2 J4610000 89
JAWPLATE MN18CR2 J-470-00-00 1218
JAWPLATE MN18CR2 J-471-00-00 1323
JAWPLATE MN18CR2 J6250000 1040
JAWPLATE MN18CR2 J6260000 561
JAWPLATE MN22/001-4 JW42AW1638 1232
JAWPLATE MN18CR2 JW42AW1639 1232
BLOW BAR High Chrome N101 323
JAWPLATE MN18CR2 P2436-1 600
JAWPLATE MN18CR2 P2436-2 625
CHECK PLATE MN18CR2 P2436-3 57
CHECK PLATE MN18CR2 P2436-4 54
CHECK PLATE MN18CR2 P2436-5 47
CHECK PLATE MN18CR2 P2436-5 45
CHECK PLATE MN18CR2 P2436-6 43
JAWPLATE MN18CR2 P2644-1E 979
JAWPLATE MN18CR2 P2644-2E 1118
CHECK PLATE MN18CR2 P2644-3 118
CHECK PLATE MN18CR2(006-1) P2644-4 117
CHECK PLATE MN18CR2 P2644-5 86
CHECK PLATE MN18CR2(006-1) P2644-6 80
JAWPLATE Mn18%Cr2% P3244-1 1682
LINER MN18CR2 P400S-5 84
LINER MN18CR2 P400S-6 84
LINER MN18CR2 P400S-7 98
LINER MN18CR2 P400S-8 98
LINER MN18CR2 P400S-9 132
CONCAVE MN22 PEG1000-1 325
CONCAVE MN18CR2 PEG1000-3 365
CONCAVE MN18CR2(006-1) PEG1300-1 803
CONCAVE MN18C2(006-1) PEG1300-2 1027
CONCAVE MN18CR2(006-1) PEG1300-3 917
ANVIL MN18CR2 PEG2436-7 29
ANVIL MN18CR2 PEG2436-8 29
JAWPLATE MN18CR2(006-1) PEG2644-2E 1085
ANVIL MN18CR2 PEG2644-7 17
ANVIL MN18CR2(006-1) PEG2644-8 28
BLOW BAR High Chrome PEG320 219
JAWPLATE MN18CR2(006-1) PEG400S-1 1083
ANVIL MN18CR2 PEG400S-3 27
ANVIL MN18CR2 PEG400S-4 27
JAWPLATE Mn18%Cr2% ST031-4226 1210
JAWPLATE MN18CR2 ST031-4226 1210
JAWPLATE Mn18%Cr2% ST032-4226 1127
BLOW BAR High Chrome T-121-C 112
JAWPLATE MN18CR2 U3042-FJ 1396
BLOW BAR High Chrome UM04 130
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