Customer case

Shanghai Peiner company used Hardox and SSAB products sussessfully


Shanghai Peiner is a joint venture between China and Germany, known for its world-class grabs, the world's most efficient grab. Wei Min, strategic purchasing manager of Shanghai Peiner, said: “Shanghai Peiner’s customers have large ports, power plants, steel plants and bulk carriers.”


The challenge

For grabs, the most important thing is efficiency and longevity. The result of the weight of the grab is divided by the weight of the grab, which is the factor needed to calculate the efficiency. Therefore, reducing the weight of the grab will increase the efficiency of the grab, but one must balance the efficiency of the grab with the life of the grab.


In general, the balance between efficiency and life is solved by surface hardening of the sheet, but even so, the efficiency factor that can usually be achieved is only 2.0. In China, the general efficiency level of grabs is 1.7. At the same time, the life limit of the grab is 1 million tons, after which people will need to repair their hard surface. After using Hardox wear-resistant steel plates, Shanghai Peiner was able to increase the efficiency factor to 2.2-2.4, which is the highest factor in the market. At the same time, the general life of the grab is extended to handle 2 million tons of materials before it needs to be repaired.


In order to develop the above-mentioned efficiency grabs, SSAB and Shanghai Peiner jointly conducted research on wear and welding projects to increase the life and efficiency of the grab. SSAB supplies Shanghai Peiner through SSAB's Shape business unit, providing all the materials that are ready for welding. Shanghai Peiner has joined the Hardox in My Body brand for more than three years, which ensures that it can always use SSAB's original Hardox wear-resistant steel plate. “Shanghai Peiner offers a grip that is more advanced than its competitors and has excellent performance, making it a strong brand. To achieve performance goals, we not only need Peiner’s advanced design and process quality, but also SSAB’s High quality materials." Wei Min said

Customer benefits

  • Increase efficiency by 20-40%
  • 2 times longer life


Wei Min said: "The end user's benefits come from Shanghai Peiner's strong brand, the brand is rooted in the systematic cost of cost. Peiner grab has become a new definition of loading and unloading efficiency. Pena provides users with a grab With less downtime, smooth operating performance, and unique after-sales service.

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