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Excavator “ lose weight “Get a better image


Two years after using Hardox® wear-resistant steel in the application, Antech Attachments Co. joined SSAB's Hardox in My BodyTM program. The company is a leading Taiwanese manufacturer of high quality excavator buckets, buckets and accessories, gaining a competitive edge with the high performance of Hardox wear-resistant steel.


As a manufacturer of earthmoving accessories for the global construction and mining equipment market, Antech Attachments must ensure that its products can withstand the rigors of working conditions.

“Before using Hardox wear-resistant steel for excavator buckets, the steel we use has a lower tensile strength, so we have to deal with the problem of cutting edges and bucket bottom bends,” said Henry Liao, manager of Antech Attachment. . “Because of its poor weldability, low impact toughness, cracking of the wear liner is common.”

As a result, the company was forced to use heavy steel plates to make buckets to maintain their service life, but this made the bucket heavier and more expensive to manufacture.



By using Hardox wear plates in its products, the company is able to cut bucket weight by up to 30% while maintaining the same or better wear life. “Hardox's excellent wear resistance, good weldability and formability allow us to produce high-performance accessories and keep us ahead of the competition,” says Liao.

Thanks to the company's success in using Hardox wear-resistant steel in its products, many of its competitors have adopted similar wear-resistant steels from a variety of sources. “Although they all claim to be quenched and tempered steel, we think the quality is definitely different,” Liao confirmed.

We believe that joining the Hardox in My Body program will enhance our product image because we convey a clear message to our customers that we use high-quality wear-resistant steel to ensure long life and reliability," explains Liao Say.

Customer benefit

Overall bucket weight reduced by 20-25%

The effective lifting height of the bucket is increased by 50%


High-quality products that enhance the brand image in the eyes of customers

Sustainable development

Lear that Our efforts for the local ecology

Strict quality control

Learn that how we can make the the products more wear resistant

Abundant value-added services

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