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Tailor-made cone crusher concave for each customer


The main materials of the concave are: high manganese steel, high-quality high manganese steel, new composite materials, modified high manganese steel, new high manganese steel, ultra-high manganese steel, super-strong high manganese steel, modified high manganese steel, etc.

As we all know, although the cone crusher has the same general structure and principle, the size of the wear-resistant parts is different, so it is difficult to achieve mass production. Therefore, in order to meet the needs of customers, Luoyang Zhixin New Materials specially provides tailor-made cone breaking and rolling mortar walls. According to the different working conditions of each customer, products with different chemical element ratios are designed. After scientific and strict smelting, casting, heat treatment process design and production management, they have high wear resistance and long service life. Reduce the wear and tear investment cost of each piece of equipment and improve production efficiency.

Choosing the appropriate concave is the key to increasing the output of the cone crusher. Luoyang Zhili New Materials has 30 years of experience in the professional production of crusher accessories. It summarizes and makes progress in every production. After years of research and production, it already has very mature technology and production processes, and is constantly working hard with the progress of the times. , advancing with the times. We use the most suitable raw materials and put ourselves in each customer's shoes to solve any problems, which is worthy of everyone's trust. Welcome to come for consultation and visit!

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