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Customer case sharing meeting


Today our company is fortunate to have Mr. Li, a well-known expert in the industry, who has been working in the cement industry for decades and has accumulated rich experience, which is very worthy of our juniors to learn from. After listening to his case sharing today, each of us benefited a lot and learned a lot of new knowledge.

He worked in a cement factory in his early days and was very familiar with cement production. Yesterday, he told us about the cement production process, introduced us to the cement production process, the main machine components used, and their general working principles. It specifically introduces the wear-resistant hammer head and lining plate on the cement crusher, which are products we usually come into contact with more often. Today I shared with us a typical case that I have done at work. When we get the order, we need to understand the customer's specific needs, modify the drawings according to the needs, and keep these documents on record. In this process, we must handle all aspects of the relationship and do our best to meet the needs of customers. After the product is delivered, we also need to contact the customer to ask how the machine is being used, and keep in touch with the customer to lay the foundation for future cooperation.
Later, we were told how to find customers and what we need to pay attention to during the production and sales process.

After listening to his sharing today, we are all very satisfied. We hope that the company can sign larger orders in the future, and we look forward to him sharing again next time.

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