Customer case

Warmly celebrate the 10th anniversary of the cooperation between Luoyang Zhili and the Cemex Cement


In 2008,  the purchasing manager of the famous Egyptian Cemex cement group, contacted our foreign trade salesman Maisie through special channels, and hoped that we could recommend a crusher hammer for its working conditions.

After receiving the inquiry from the world-renowned Cemex Cement Plant, our whole factory was excited. After three months of communication, we determined the general product plan. During the period, we also sent a team of experts to Egypt. Field survey and collection of local broken material samples, after analysis and comparison,we recommended our high manganese steel inlaid alloy rod hammer head to cemex cement plant

We quickly provided the first set of hammerheads to Cemex. After the test the comprehensive performance of our hammerhead exceeded that of similar products in Europe and was highly recognized by the Cemex Group. Today, we Has become a long-term supplier of cemex cement wear resistance spare parts

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