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Our Australia customer visit our factory


We have cooperated with our Australia customer since 2016 ,they are very satisfied with our welding blades for crushing glass . 9th  July ,knowing that our Australia friends are visiting in  China ,we expect to meet them.after contact with them and finally confirmed the visit day .


12th July ,a sunny day ,our oversea department manager Ms Rita  picked up our friends from Zhengzhou  ,after that ,our Boss and engineers accompanied them to visit our factory ,introduced our workshop ,equipment,production process and welding machine .


After visiting our factory ,our customers were very satisfied with our factory and our wear resistant products ,we communicated deeply of how to make the blades more wear resistant ,consided about the working conditions and produce process ,we decided to increase the welding thickness of the blades .


Besides ,Learn from our customer that the liner of their chutes  were wron quickly ,we recommend  hardox 500 plate to them , knowing that the hardox plate have high hardness(50HRC) and good toughness ,our customer decide to book some pieces of hardox plate.

Time fly ,our friends need to left ,they have to catch the flight tomorrow ,so we send them to the high speed railway station ,and say good to our friends



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