Our hammer were used very well in Siping hongzui cement plant


Siping Hongzui Cement Co., Ltd. is a backbone enterprise of Hongkou Group, a large-scale township enterprise in China. It is a large cement and clinker manufacturer in Jilin Province. It has a production line of 2,500 tons of new dry precalciner kiln cement clinker with an annual production capacity of 1.5 million tons.

The company's raw materials are crushed by PCF1818 single-stage hammer crusher produced by Shanghai Jianlu Road Bridge. The main spare parts hammers are 40 pieces each and the weight is 85 kg. The crushed material is limestone with poor breakability. They used many high-manganese steel hammerhead produced by many manufacturers ,The effect has been unsatisfactory. The effective working time of each hammerhead is only 5 days.

How to improve the service life of the hammer and reduce the frequency of replacement of the hammer has become a problem that the company can't wait to solve. To this end, they are constantly looking for a suitable hammerhead, hoping to reduce energy consumption and increase production

After establishing contact with Luoyang Zhili New Materials,our company dedicated its efforts to investigating the current status of the company's grinding system and combining it with the needs of modern production. the bimetal composite hammerhead produced by the company is committed to new material company. The effective running time of the machine is 15 days, and the service life is 3 times that of the original high manganese steel hammer.

   The relevant person in charge of Siping Hongzui Company stated that “the bimetallic composite materials developed by Luoyang Zhili are committed to the new choice of high-wear parts for cement manufacturers, and the actual use results show that the overall performance is compared with traditional materials. More superior. It also saves us costs."

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