ZHILI has been mailed thousands of medical masks to friends in need.


Zhili will always behind you in wear parts and life

   The epidemic is still affecting people's lives and economic lives.

   ZHILI is grateful for the good cooperation with customers and friends around the world, and the encouragement and greetings given to ZHILI when the epidemic in China was the worst.

   With the pandemic under control in China, we are concerned about the severe situation of the pandemic abroad, and team of ZHILI believe that we must do something.

   Therefore, we actively ask our customers and friends whether they are in a situation of lack of face masks. So far, thousands of medical masks have been mailed to friends in need.

   We are very proud when we receive thanks email from Mexico, Panama, Croatia, Egypt, Algeria and other countries.

  ZHILI must not only bring benefits to customers professionally, but also become a friend who provides timely help.

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