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The hard and tough facts about the steel in your recycling equipment Hardox® wear plate: The hard co


Recycling creates some of the toughest operating environments for equipment and machinery components. On any given day, machines might grapple with extreme loads, dust contamination, falling debris and temperature fluctuations. And lots of these workhorse

Tough and innovative – how Sinotruk stays strong


As the subsidiary of the third-largest manufacturer of heavy duty trucks in China, Sinotruk Qingdao credits its success to innovation and uncompromising dedication to quality.

The biggest wheel loader bucket in China


XCMG, one of China’s biggest construction machinery manufacturers, is a long standing customer of SSAB. They recently manufactured the biggest wheel loader bucket in China, with a capacity of 17 m3. Use of Hardox plate and Strenx performance steel has inc

Introducing Hardox® 500 Tuf: The new generation of Hardox® wear plate for tipper bodies, buckets and


The new Hardox® 500 Tuf has exceptional strength, hardness and toughness in one and the same wear plate.

SSAB Shape helps Scania boost competitiveness in India


SSAB Shape has developed an innovative new tipper body for Scania that offers the Indian mining industry a product far surpassing the performance of current solutions.

Introducing Duroxite™ 300 overlay plate at AGG1


New Duroxite™ 300 has been developed to provide long service life in extreme wet and dry sliding wear environments.

SSAB steel helps make 100-meter beams of new Helsinki library a stunning sight


The long-awaited Central Library Oodi is being built in a prime location in the city center of Helsinki, Finland, situated between the Central Railway Station and Helsinki Music Centre. The library’s frame features steel beams stretch into the sky and are

Excavator “ lose weight “Get a better image


Two years after using Hardox® wear-resistant steel in the application, Antech Attachments Co. joined SSAB's Hardox in My BodyTM program. The company is a leading Taiwanese manufacturer of high quality excavator buckets, buckets and accessories, gaining a

Intermix manufactures the world's first Hardox concrete mixer


The new lightweight concrete mixer truck made of 3mm Hardox® steel plate offers significant cost savings for its users.Intermix, one of Europe's leading manufacturers of concrete mixers, values the innovation, flexibility and quality of its mixers. As ear

Shanghai Peiner company used Hardox and SSAB products sussessfully


Shanghai Peiner is a joint venture between China and Germany, known for its world-class grabs, the world's most efficient grab. Wei Min, strategic purchasing manager of Shanghai Peiner, said: “Shanghai Peiner’s customers have large ports, power plants, st

Inventory of various material crusher hammer head performance characteristics


Hammer crusher, the exact definition should be hammer crusher hammer, hammer is one of the core components of the hammer crusher, arranged on the hammer shaft of the crusher rotor, the hammer hit directly in the high-speed operation of the crusher Materia

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